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The Forgotten ⑨ Beast Cirono has come!

edited September 2012 in Game
Oh, Dwarf Fortress.

Aptly, it has the Deadly Dust attack, which you can think of as explosive danmaku that it's liable to hit itself with in addition to anything close to it, so it's liable to blast itself apart trying to kill a rabbit. Tactics truly worthy of a ⑨.
It's also underwater, I don't know if it can drown or not, but that'd be disappointing though hilarious in its own way.


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    I love finding weird little reference like that in games! haha.
    Speaking of which, last night I was playing Little King's Story on the wii, and noticed some peculiar names of my villagers. At first I saw Letty, and laugh quietly to myself.. then I found a Suika! It didn't end there. I found a Lunasa, Alice, and Lily! I did some research, and I guess there's a ton more, including Youmu, Yuyuko, Mokou, Cirno, and Kaguya!
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    Are you using the Touhou pack for Dorf Fort? (I only use the Suika skin, not the text change since it makes it harder to wiki my problems away, and I don't like the concept of yukkuri monsters everywhere...)
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    Nah, I'm running vanilla - though eventually I'll incorporate some weapon rebalance mods into my main folder, as well as some other misc things that won't change the game too much but make things more interesting. I have ideas, but putting them all together is daunting.
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