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Wolf Tengu Spec Ops

edited September 2012 in Cosplay

(Cross-posting this from the Facebook group, let's see how this goes.)

Inspired by lleu's art of the Wolf Tengu Corps:

I propose we organize a Wolf Tengu Spec Ops team for a future convention (Sakuracon '13?)

I'm compiling links to resources where we can potentially buy all matching outfits and gear (either separately or group buy), so it looks epic when we get several of us together.

Outfits and some accessories will be coordinated, as well as wigs, ears, and tails. Weapons and other accessories are individually chosen.

Currently the proposal is for "ACU Digital" pattern, as it's the most common (and therefore most available).

Name format is proposed as follows:

  • Tag 1: Name in first-initial, last-name format (ex. "R. Hakurei")
  • Tag 2: Either "Gensokyo" in kanji (???) or "GSDF" (Gensokyo Self-Defense Force)

The name tag will be that of your "typical" Touhou cosplay, so if you wish to wear your character wig when not as the Wolf Tengu team, it'll still work. This way we can have a Wolf Tengu military group, as well as a general Touhou military group.







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