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Self Drilling Hollow Anchor Bolts in projects support

Thanks to the presence of a standard
wave-shape thread Self Drilling Hollow Anchor Bolts can be used in combination
with bits for the purpose of drilling holes. They deliver significant amount of
grouting and anchoring. High-strength coupling is also provided to the anchor
, which is elongated using latest mechanical cutting technology. In this
way the self-drilling hollow anchor bolt can be used in narrow place. With the
coupling, reinforcement of rock can be done using an extra-long anchor. These
anchor bolts are suitable for various types of rocks and you don’t need to pull
them out. The stress that surrounds the rock is evenly shifted to the wall,
which results in providing support to each other amid the anchor and adjoining
rock. When high rates of grouting pressure is maintained, the cracks get
completely filled and the overall fractured rock is made better.

Sinorock is known as one of the most
trusted and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Self Drilling Hollow Anchor
. Their products are highly used in ground deep foundation pit, tunnel,
mines and underground projects. The diligent workforce uses the best quality of
materials. You can avail their bolts in different sizes according to your

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