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Super Lutein

Super Lutein is a dietary supplement which was developed in Japan, and it is now available in the usa. It's been the number one selling nutritional supplement in Japan going back 17 years. Eastern drugs are according to preventative, lasting health, unlike the Western medical philosophy of waiting until it's too late. The lutein is taken from the marigold flower in the patented process produced by Dr. Frederick Khachik, Ph.D. Super Lutein is a supplements that's suitable for the eyes and all-around health. It is manufactured to strict pharmaceutical grade levels, meeting ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality control standards. ISO9001 sets the requirements a good management system. ISO22000 certification sets the general guidelines for food safety management.

It is just a recognized supplement by the Japanese Adult's Diseases Prevention Association (JADPA). You can find 6600 doctors on this association. For the product to entitled to the JADPA, it requires to meet three requirements.

"A human must test the item for few months to ensure there are no harmful unwanted effects."
"A human tests the product or service for another few months to discover in the event the product will perform exactly what the manufacturer claims it'll do. Most products fail now."
"The method is reviewed from the Board of Directors, plus a decision made after meticulous investigation on if they should endorse the merchandise or otherwise."


During the last 2 decades, more than 20,000 products were submitted for examination, in support of 20 were recommended, Super Lutein being one too. A web based explore Super Lutein, will advise you many testimonials, along with the science behind the product's effectiveness is found. Protecting our eyes is more essential in today's modern day world. Ultraviolet radiation, along with the blue glare from television, computer, and smartphone screens damage and degrade our vision over time. Lutein may nourish the eyes and will improve vision. Super Lutein goes beyond just concentrating on eye health.

lutein singapore is Super Lutein, because it's not just lutein based. In addition, it uses carotenoids, which are pigments found in nature, which have powerful anti-oxidant properties.

The carotenoids which will make up Super Lutein are:
Lutein (for eyes, brain, and colon health)
Alpha-carotene (for skin, mucous membrane,and lung health)
Beta-carotene (for heart, bones, and pancreas health)
Lycopene (for liver, kidneys, and prostate health)
Zeaxanthin (for eyes, skin, and circulation health)

Super Lutein uses organic and natural ingredients manufactured to artificial levels. In the increasingly health-conscious world, there is a popular for raw, unprocessed, natural ingredients in supplements. Many books and articles have already been written about natural Superfoods that will improve your health superiority life. With modern tools and manufacturing processes, we can easily live healthier far better quality lives.

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