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Freight Transport in Vietnam

As among the fastest growing economies inside the developing world, Vietnam is often a vibrant country undergoing improvement of their infrastructure to aid its future growth plans.

During the last 2 decades, Vietnam may be having a transformation from a centrally planned economy to some market economy well as over the period, Vietnam has experienced significant growth.

This is good news for your international freight transport sector and shipping companies involved in do business with Vietnam his or her business will grow as well because the Vietnam economy. During 2009, export turnovers were over 56 billion Cash, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.This reflected a decline of around 10% through the previous year.

Vietnam's single largest export is oil, which landed 11% of earnings from exports during 2009.

Vietnam's other main exports part from oil are textiles, footwear and garments, rice, coffee, rubber and coal. Aquaculture can be an important way to obtain export business in addition to processed forest products.

At present, the exports from Vietnam are covered with agricultural products however 's all set to improve as Vietnam increases its industrial base. Already, 5% of income is landed by electronic equipment. Since the country will continue to develop its industrial base, the freight services infrastructure is constantly develop to aid it. The principle markets for exports from Vietnam include the United States, comprising nearly 20% of exports, followed by Japan, China, Australia and Singapore.


Economic relations between Vietnam and the United States are improving but impeded by Vietnam's record in human rights. Nevertheless, there has been great strides forwards in economic relations throughout the last decade which is reflected in the current amount of freight transport. A landmark bilateral agreement in December 2001 significantly boosted the level of Vietnam's exports for the U . s ..

The key imports to Vietnam are commodities, including petroleum products, steel, fertilizer, electronics, equipment and machinery. Most imports originate from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, The philipines, Thailand and Malaysia.

Overall, the principle trading partners of Vietnam are still Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan along with the European. Presently have business dealings with the Asian economies comprises 80% of all Vietnam trade. This actually represents a changed picture as until 1990, most Vietnam trade was with all the Soviet Union.

gia chuyen hang tu my ve viet nam is keen to formulate more have business dealings with countries from the European and freight services organizations are thus, making this easier, as freight companies improve their own understanding the Vietnam market. Nowadays there are many shipping companies that can help businesses in the European Union do business with Vietnam. The varied nature of the above instances of imports and exports both to and from Vietnam stresses how versatile the freight services companies operating in Vietnam have to be to be able to service this market. A shipping company or freight company that is certainly informed about exporting from Vietnam is going to be expert at providing the correct transportation mode in order that the items go to their destination market in peak condition and within as short a moment frame as you possibly can. The freight forwarding market in Vietnam is rolling out considerably recently along with the standard of freight services available is quite high.

Most businesses in Vietnam are medium and small sized enterprises and in attempting to embrace the opportunities of globalisation, many use freight companies for advice and support. And so the freight forwarding sector is itself an important catalyst inside the development of the Vietnam economy.

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