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The Art Of Picking out a Quilting Pattern

When Robyn Jones wants to relax, she strolls down the unspoiled mountainside of her Colorado where you can visit her horse, Winddancer, the inspiration on her behalf company name and logo. There, she could also comprehend the abundance of wildlife inside the adjacent National Forest including mountain lions, bear, elk, chipmunks, and antelope, all of these further inspire her designs. Australian quilts are inspired by Robyn's extensive travels throughout the Usa, Australia, Europe, and Asia. A devoted photographer and quilter for over twenty years, Robyn mixes her photography, art, and quilting skills in designs for travel quilts that currently are the United states of america State Quilt Series, the Australia State Quilt Series, the Down Under Wildlife Series, and also the Military Series honoring our U.S. service women and men.

Every Winddancer state quilt design is planned to display aspects of specific states while mixing architecture, floral, wildlife, and history in to a cohesive quilt picture. Since neighboring states share many features, landscapes, and sporting events, blocks can be interchanged to personalize your quilt with your personal experiences.


Robyn works closely along with her Australian artist husband, Kevin, and every design is drawn from real life experiences or photographs of her travels. The finished designs are generated in to a computer template that's broken into layers bobs for quilting, after which many versions are created to find the best coloring for the final quilt. Importantly, each quilt design must be planned employing a common palette of colours. This permits blocks to be interchanged along with other state and country designs, so quilters can cause their particular "Travel Quilt" or "Where We have Lived Quilt."Winddancer Creations quilts are designed with simplicity at heart so that entire families can enjoy developing a special quilt. Hawaii designs bring an eye on a family's travel experience and a few blocks, including the Wild Mustangs block from your Utah State Quilt design, can be achieved by children as early as 10-14.With Winddancer designs, color and layering are used extensively to create detail. Patterns using their company designers in many cases are a lot more complex and wish advanced techniques or many years of quilting experience.

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