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New Features and Madden NFL Ultimate Team

As you can easily see above, the 2011 release needs a cue in the movie-esque campaigns in games like the NBA 2K series to deliver a full-blown story mode, where decisions the gamer makes impact where it unfolds.

EA Sports can be moving away from its approach to result in the game more accessible to a variety of gamers via new game styles, which come under Arcade, Simulation and Competitive experiences.

They're exactly what they appear to be, tooЎЄArcade would have been a more casual experience, Simulation can do just what it sounds like and Competitive hinges more than ever around the skill of the player on the controls.

The kicker is the thing that these new systems allow EA Sports to accomplish via updates, per the game's website: "Game styles not merely lets players decide their gameplay experience, additionally they provide the Madden devs the opportunity to tailor the sport to a particular communities after launch, via Tuner Updates. Thus giving devs the flexibility to tune each game style individually throughout the Madden cycle, so that the preferences of 1 community aren't suffering from another."

Needless to say, Ultimate Team is probably the greatest draw for fans with the game once again. NFL coins sale is back again with challenges, milestones for polishing off collections and auctions, combined with the usual consistent content updates.


Perhaps most impressive may be the implementation of "Squads" or "MUT" that falls beneath the Ultimate Team umbrella. There, a holder can get together with two friends for online adhere to choosing a role from Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain or Head Coach and dealing with another three-person team.

The official blog from producer Jake Stein not only explains the roles and mode in depth, but stresses the significance of teamwork to achieve this new co-op event: "While the top Coach might not be bringing in the gamers, it's going to be important to ensure the 3 players over a MUT Squad are saved to the same page and together ahead away with all the victory."

In a nutshell, it seems like EA Sports is once more taking Madden to an alternative level depending on the feedback given from fans. Co-op online play will in the end make a return, there is more depth than in the past to Ultimate Team, it caters to several types of players and provides usual in-game improvements just like the new target passing, all of these produces quite the appealing package all over again.

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