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Amazing event - THB 2017 was Successful, our pilot Rasmus and Sasikanna win the prize. Congratulatio

LiPo's, or maybe more correctly Lithium Polymer, batteries would be the most typical way today of powering electric RC models. Planes and helicopters are biggest beneficiaries with the progression of LiPo batteries since they're very lightweight compared to the level of energy they are able to store. They likewise have high discharge rates in comparison to conventional rechargeable batteries (NiCad or NiMH) enabling them to provide the huge bursts of power required by high performance motors used in extreme flight manoeuvres. It's the innovation from the LiPo rechargeable battery which has enabled electricity to get so popular for RC helicopters, brought the price down and opened the wonders of flying RC helis to a much wider audience who'd never otherwise have entered the hobby.

rc lipo battery , amazing event that was make by Tom Motor was successful on July 25th to 26th 2017 in Thailand.

KDLipo was great honour to be a official sponsor again on this event. Our sponsor pilot “Rasmus Jakobsen” win the next of Expert Class. And “Sasikana Boonmala ”win the very first of Expert Class. Congratulation for boths of them !


Thanks Tom and many types of your teams in Thailand, thanks Tareq make such amazing fly with KDLIPO batteries. thanks all pilots for giving us wonderful performance, specially KDLIPO Pilots. Thnanks all of u, within this amazing event, we like a lot.

Looking forward to see everybody again soon.Hope everyone everything goes well and also have nice day.

1. We and pilot

2. Tareq Alsaadi who is probably the most excellent and famous Heli pilot from Dubai in all over the world , During the THB 2017, Tareq use our KD5000-70C-12S-Gold Edition KDLIPO battery for the amazing heli show.
3. KDLIPO batteries show

4.The award ceremony

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