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Tell us about PAX and Kumoricon!

edited September 2012 in Social
Since I wasn't able to attend either, I'm the last person that should be starting this thread, but somebody needs to. Report in, folks!


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    I saw a Suikabro, Reimu, Yuyu, Yoshika, Renko... And I think that's it. I don't know if there was a 'scene' per se, since I was in the dealer's hall all day as I tend to be.
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    This was my first time going to PAX and i gotta say, i was really impressed. There were a lot of games i wanted to try out and and a lot of panels i wanted to attend. PAX left me completely exhausted and I'm dealing with an after-con cold now because of it. From what I've heard, PAX next year will be upped to 4 days long as well as there being a PAX in Australia next year.
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    My PAX was amazing this year. Got FireFoxx and I tickets in the luckiest way (Waking up with a painful sore throat and calling in work on the day tickets sold). Wil Wheaton was a big highlight seeing him and hearing his great stories. Also, my hopes have been confirmed and I pre-ordered Playstation All-Stars. It's SO FUN (FireFoxx beat me twice :T ) Also Day 2 was FireFoxx's birthday and we had a big 9 person dinner at Blue C Sushi with the likes of Overcoat, Ctf1990, and Suikasen. I was exhausted too and also obtained a post-con cold, but I'm on vacation now and resting up. Fun times and I hope to go for next year for four days of gamin.
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    I got Hideo Kojima's autograph.
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    Went to a killer chiptune show at the Funhouse on Thursday night before PAX, right after hanging out with Regris in Chinatown. Some of my favorite events was of course the expo hall, even though it's a bit chaotic, doing Sushi for Leila's birthday, and hanging out with my friend who flew in from Winnipeg. Didn't see a single panel this year, as usual. Kinda missed the MAGFest Jamspace [those guys are my bros!] and the OC Remix people [also my bros] didn't come this year due to a tight budget, so no OCR panel either. Relying on all my old friends needing to fly in to see me or vice versa can be tough, even though it's really cool to see them... Most of them I only see once a year at MAGFest :(! I'm fortunate to finally have some local friends I can be with so I don't have to worry about that so much. Thanks for letting me have a good time!
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