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Forum rules discussion

edited September 2012 in General
Here's some suggestions for basic rules for the forum to operate on and moderators to follow (when they're implemented). Please comment and add your own thoughts.
  1. No shitposting: this includes but is not limited to meme-spamming, inappropriate character-roleplaying, or retarded actions not otherwise specified. Posts with a -5 or lower rating might be automagically deleted, and users that consistently make posts with highly negative ratings might be put on probation.
  2. No personal drama, no posting of others' personal information. Exceptions might be made if it's a matter that's actually relevant to the community, eg. a warning about someone being a creeper at a con or such; but in general I don't think any of us want to put up with any cattiness.
  3. No posting anything that could get us into legal trouble. I don't think I need to explain this.
  4. Determine a ruling on posting NSFW content on the forum. My personal view is that as long as it doesn't violate #3 it should be allowed, but it's better if everyone gets to throw in their opinion on this.
  5. No stirring up trouble with other communities. It's fine to tell people about this place, but be a good diplomat when doing so.

How's that for starters?



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