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Touhou character randomizer / pairing game

edited August 2012 in General
Wanna play?

So, I've done this with other sets of characters, usually OCs, but never with Touhou before.  What you do is:

- Find a numbered list of Touhou characters (to make this easier, I've got one set up here)
- Find a number randomizer (I usually use, but if you've got one you like better, use that)
- Generate two random numbers between 1 and 118 (or if you've got a 118-sided die, more power to ya)
- Find the corresponding characters to your numbers, these will be your random Touhou girls/boys/other

Now this is the fun part.  Take your two random Touhous, and hypothetically pair them together.  You don't necessarily have to support it, and it doesn't have to make sense; in fact, the less sense it makes the more fun it is to play with!  Draw a picture, write a story, or even just post your results, do whatever you want that involves these two characters being "together".  See what you can get, and share what you've got!  See who can come up with the funniest, cutest, most disturbing, etc. pairings.

Anyway, just something I randomly thought of since I need a new drawing project, feel free to play along!


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