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Self Introductions!

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So this thread is going to be for introductions!  You can post a picture of yourself, a little description of yourself, what your interests are and as always: what got you into Touhou?

Without further ado, I'll start off.  My name is JudgeofParadise, but for people who have seen and know me I cosplayed both Eiki Shiki and Lyrica Prismriver, You may have seen me around running some of the Touhou Gatherings around CA.  I heard about Touhou about 7 years ago, but only really got into about 3 years ago through the music and artwork.  I happen to have lots of interests other than touhou like anime, manga, art, music and sci fi. 


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    I am The 1oak (The One of a Kind) from Seattle. I may be the only (half) black toubro in the whole group.

    Interests and hobbies mostly center around board/video games, anime, and
    the internets. I enjoy competition and challenge while keeping a cool
    head. Rage is just... unnecessary.

    I'm in a relationship with fellow touster FireFoxx682. Her birthday's coming up on day 2 of PAX. We're both hype.

    Learned of Touhou Project some years back in junior year highschool and got into it along with my fellow friends/toubros.

    My last cosplay was Yuuka Kazami @ Sakuracon 2012.
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    Hi I'm jay421501 (originally jay4215 been my online name for years added "01" for youtube).

    I hail from the city that is Long Beach, CA. My interests include gaming, internets, social media, pro wrestling (yes I like pro wrestling) and of course having a full time job.

    Cosplay wise I only have two touhou cosplays under my belt. I first cosplayed as Rinnosuke Morichika at Anime Expo 2010 (first ever cosplay) until Anime Los Angeles 2012. At Sakura Con 2012 I debuted Eirin Yagokoro (first ever crossplay) and again at Anime Expo 2012.

    I started getting into touhou in late 2008 thru an obvious meme *cough mcrolled cough* then realized where the origin of the song is from only to find out it is touhou project. Look it up on youtube and was amazed at the games and got hooked to it!

    Upcoming I get to run the touhou gathering at Anime Los Angeles 2013 will be going as Eirin again may be doing a formal suit Rinnosuke for Sakura Con 2013 for the masquerade ball and still going as Eirin well into 2013!

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    Hey. I'm from Washington, am a regular at Sakuracon and am always on the Touhou Project panels there. I used to go up to Vancouver for Anime Evolution when that was a thing as well, and likely will again when it restarts.
    I haven't cosplayed yet but I have plans to do so next year, probably as Koakuma.
    As far as interests, I'm into traditional RPG and strategy gaming, science fact and fiction, going on commie liberal rampages, jumping into creative projects that I usually never manage to finish, and otherwise being a complete nerd.
    I discovered Touhou about the time MoF came out, through people on IRC luring me into it. I have yet to regret anything.
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    Hello! I'm Megan, I'm from Washington. I'm a graphics designer. I've gone to Sakuracon every year since I was 10 and I don't plan on missing a year, even if it kills me. I'm trying to get into the artist allies of as many west coast conventions as possible, and maybe some in Canada, if I can. I started caring what my drawings looked like when I was 12, but I started seriously drawing about a year and a half ago and I'm currently 16. My artist name is the same as my username, Suikasen. You can find me on Deviantart, Tumblr, and my NSFW Blog. I have a bunch of other various blogs with doodles and such, if you're interested in them you should shoot me a message sometime!

    As for my interests, I like playing to draw, cosplaying, and play the piano. I play video games sometime, but I rarely finish them since I end up spending more time drawing the characters from them than I do playing the actual games.

    Anyway, I've known about Touhou since I was like, 7 years old, I just didn't know directly what it was until a few years ago when my friend drooled over a Reimu cosplayer at one of the conventions I went to. Kind of a funny way to figure out that your favorite music genre was actually from the best game in the universe. I'm not very good at the Touhou games, but it gives me tons of inspiration to draw, obviously, since the majority of stuff I do is Touhou or Touhou related in some way. I just love drawing all the super moe character designs! My favorite Touhou is Koishi, by far, but I really do like most of them, Except Byakuren.
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    Uhhh.... Hi! My name is Mao. I'm from
    California, and I usually attend Fanime, though I do not have some
    dedicated track record-- sometimes I mix it up and go to other cons,
    and sometimes I do not go to cons at all. I've been into Touhou since
    around 2009.

    I have a problem with love of
    Chinese-style clothes*, despite being like the whitest human ever.
    Because of this, I have a rampaging urge to cosplay as Meiling,
    Yoshika, and Kasen. In the past, I have cosplayed as Nazrin. I have
    also completed Meiling's outfit from Koumajou Densetsu 2, but because
    I am dissatisfied with the way the dragons have turned out, I plan on
    remaking the outfit. I do sew all of my own costumes, and its one of
    my bigger hobbies.

    I have a sketch blog, but its not just
    dedicated to Touhou. Probably the best way to find my touhou art is
    to go to my deviant art and snoop around. I am horribly unorganized.

    My main hobbies are sewing and drawing.
    I like a plethora of anime and video games, and, embarrassingly
    enough, a deep love of tokusatsu. Another big trait of mine is my
    love of animals*; I have two cats, two rats, a chinchilla, a leopard
    gecko, and a fish. If you want to become my friend, the easiest way
    is to just talk about animals.

    (*As you might imagine, Kasen has grown
    on me greatly since she showed up.

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    edited August 2012
    Hey all ^^  My name's Erika, but I usually go by Xweetara online (such as on deviantArt and TinierMe).  I've been to SakuraCon twice, once in 2010 and once in 2011 (financial problems kept me from coming this past year and might keep me from coming again next year too...).  I'm actually from Orem, Utah, just north of Provo, so the distance from there to Seattle makes it a bit of a commute.  Still, if I'm at all able to make it, I will!  I miss all my west-coast Toubros!  You can usually find me at Anime Banzai in Layton (used to be in Salt Lake), which I have attended every year since 2008.

    My first ever Touhou cosplay was a patched-together Hakurei Reimu that I wore to SakuraCon 2010, after I realized that the sleeves I had cut off my hoodie for my Shiki Misaki cosplay looked a little like miko sleeves when worn backwards.  Add a long red skirt, a belt and a few Christmas bows, plus a stick from the backyard, and voila!  Since then I have cosplayed PCB Yukari Yakumo (Anime Banzai 2010), Hatate Himekaidou (SakuraCon 2011), and Patchouli Knowledge (Anime Banzai 2011).  I also am partway done with a Kisume cosplay, which I intend to wear to the next SakuraCon I can make it to.

    My first introduction to Touhou was getting hooked on Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, around the time Phantasmagoria of Flower View was still a new thing (I think, back then I didn't really know).  I learned a lot about the games through the music, which I still avidly listen to.  Unfortunately I'm pretty terrible at the actual games...  I don't really have a single favorite when it comes to characters, but Nitori, Luize, Remilia and Kotohime are definitely up there.

    When I'm not spazzing over Touhou, I like drawing pictures and writing stories.  I'm a pretty avid writer, even if most of it is just random brain doodles.  I'm not very good at drawing, but I'm putting in a lot of practice and dedicating my time to getting better!
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    edited August 2012
    Long ago in a distant land, I, Okuu 

    am a Canadian living in the Metro Vancouver area, asian of the Chuugoku sort, and a psychology major at Simon Fraser University (third year). Okuu is my preferred online handle since Subterranean Animism came out, and what I'm known as on IRC channels such as Lunarnet, IRCHighway, TsukiIRC, and formerly Esper. If the name Okuu is taken, I go by ArK047, mainly for video games. 

    Because I'm a poor, semi-working student, I can't really go anywhere further than Sakuracon, so I've only attended that and Anime Evolution for the past three years. In fact, 70% of why I go to cons is to get Touhou loot, primarily doujinshi, so cons without Touhou loot don't motivate me to leave my computer. 

    Through my computer, I peruse doujinshi which have been scanlated, primarily the ones archived on the Touhou Wiki, and other ones on Danbooru. I lean towards SA stories and/or stories which aren't a simple tale. I tend to stay away from R-18 doujinshi due to various reasons. I've been aware of Touhou since StB, although I've seen Touhou stuff without knowing it since PCB.

    I haven't gotten into full Touhou cosplay, but I do have and regularly wear Touhou accessories in my daily life. 

    Aside from Touhou manga, I am a fan of Blame! and other works of Tsutomu Nihei as well as Hokuto no Ken & Souten no Ken by Buronson. As far as anime go, I take recommendations on a seasonal basis from people who make recommendations to me.

    tl;dr talk to me about Touhou art, comics, and/or Chireiden.
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    I'm BIO_Wolf, aka BWSnowy on DeviantArt and, and I came here from a reddit post on the /r/touhou section.

    About myself, I'm an Canadian in Calgary just starting first year of university, fresh off from high school. My addiction to Touhou started about 6 years ago, yet, I seem to have a difficult time finding people who heard of Touhou, never mind liking it. As you can see my account (I rarely update my DeviantArt), I like drawing Momiji and related MoF characters. Though, I only started anime drawing on my first year of high school and digital on my last year due to my lack of confidence and laziness. Besides Touhou, my illustrations cover WWII related stuff, mostly Imperial Japanese Navy and German-Russian front. And besides anime, I'm a computer geek experience in computer troubleshooting and repairs. I'm not too interested into going to conventions unless there's people I know there to meet up, which I feel awkward when I don't know anyone. The only one I really do to is Otafest, which is not much. You might see me there next time drawing on my netbook with some Japanese guy (well, I'm Asian too, so you probably think we're both Japanese).

    In my fashion of posting, I present you a Momiji.
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    I'm teezan. I live in the wastelands of northern Nevada. It's a very rural area so it's very well unaware of the sophisticated arts like the Touhou universe. I make a living as a pet groomer as i'm much better at socializing with small fuzzy things than I am with people. My hobbies include wakeboarding, piano, League of Legends, and the occasional anime and visual novel.

    I also have a vinyl cutter that I like to make Touhou stickers with. 

    I first discovered Touhou through a Youtube video of some Perfect Cherry Blossom gameplay and thought it was pretty awesome, if impossible looking. Later on upon discovering more of the music, I was pretty much hooked in. I do not have any prior experience with anime conventions or cosplay but I am committed to giving it my best. My goal is to make the drive to Sakuracon 2013 with a male-themed Byakuren cosplay in tow.

     It's very difficult for me to say favorites within the Touhou-verse but i'm very interested in Imperishable Night themes, Koishi's brain, Suika's everything and Reimu's role as a demigod guardian of paradise.

    I'm also including an ugly 3d picture of me feeling very spiritual while visiting the San Francisco coast with friends. You can guess which is me and why I am choosing namusan as my cosplay direction. I'm on the left with the hair.
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    edited August 2012
    Hi, I'm Karin. I usually go by latrodectus or ibaraki on the internet. I'm 18 and currently reside in Western Washington as a NEET-Hikikomori. My hobbies include sleeping for long periods of time and occasionally drawing, as well as playing video games/surfing the proverbial web. My mannerisms can be compared to those of a cat's.
    I've attended Sakura-Con every year (excluding 2008) since 2005. My most recent cosplay was Kaguya Houraisan, which I wore to this year's con.
    I don't really remember what really "got me into" Touhou, but I do remember that PoFV was fairly new around that time... I've always liked shooters so of course Touhou would end up on the roster at some point. The first game I played was EoSD and has thus stuck to me ever since. My all-time favorite character is Remilia Scarlet.

    I don't know what else to write, but basically I'm a horridly boring human being with an interest in not-so-ordinary activities/lack thereof.
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    edited August 2012
    Hiiiiii, I'm James.. I live in Western Washington (gross Snohomish county). I'm 20 years old and happen to be a NEET. I spend a lot of my time downloading doujin music, some of my favorite circles include: Alice's Emotions/Hardcore Tano*C, IZMIZM and Rolling Contact. Other than that, all I do is pepakura and play Monster Hunter.

    I've been to Sakuracon the last three years, I think.
    I cosplayed Marisa at Sakuracon 2012.

    The main reason I began playing Touhou is because I was playing a lot of STGs at the time and decided to download it. It then sat in a folder for ages until I was talking about games with someone and they mentioned it, so I decided to give it a shot and there was no turning back.

    Anyway, I'm sort of awkward and shy, so I probably  won't post much.

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    edited August 2012
    Greetings. I am oneandonliee or ono for short ("one 'n' onliee" opposed to "one and onliee" if that's a bit confusing). Like BIO_Wolf, I came here from /r/touhou on Reddit. I go by oneandonliee on YouTube and SoundCloud, onlieeone on imgur.

    My SoundCloud account will consist of arrangements of Touhou music, probably mostly piano arrangements. There's only one song up right now because it's hard for me to come up with an arrangement that I feel good about.

    My imgur account contains images from things I've submitted to /r/touhou as well as anything else I've submitted to reddit or anything I want to show my friends. It's mostly Touhou though.

    My YouTube account is a little bit more mixed. It's a gaming/anime/music channel that I keep as a bit of a hobby. Touhou related videos include a little gameplay from various titles, a few videos involving music, and one of me building Suwako in Minecraft.

    I love the Touhou games, but I am so very average at them. As a result, I spend more time listening its music or coming up with content to upload and share instead of playing the games.

    With all that shameless self-promition out of the way, I look forward to being part of this community.
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    I'm surprised at the attention that the note on reddit attracted - I'm gathering that there's not too much overlap between there and other online communities, but that's true of a lot of Touhou fansites. I'd mention it in a few other places as well, but some would probably only bring in trolls and self-hating superprimaries, and others like MotK see themselves as the only legitimate Touhou fan site and would go berserk about this. So it goes.
    The best recruitment tool will always be word-of-mouth at actual meetups at conventions and such, of course.
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    Hello, I'm Kyou. I'm 21 (almost 22), and a senior in mechanical engineering.

    Beware, this introduction may be a bit scattered/not well thought out.

    I'm one of  the Meiling cosplayers from Fanime/AX, though I'll typically be wearing other cosplays. 

    As you can probably guess, I cosplay Fujibayashi Kyou from Clannad... a lot. Summer and winter uniforms.

    I suppose a lot of my enjoyment of Touhou comes from the music and the nearly endless numbers of remixes for it. I also enjoy playing the games, but I've never really found a need to want to practice enough to 1cc any of them. I love the fanart and the 4komas, but as with the games I end up not investing all that much time into either of them.

    The majority of my spare time goes into my deep love for all things KEY Visual Arts and Nanoha, as well as computer games and cosplay. 
    I can be found on League of Legends as Fate T Harlaown, and on steam here. Feel free to say hi and play games with me, they're more fun with other people anyways ♥

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    I'm Regris. I work for Hendane. I sell Touhou stuff and doujinshi.

    I'm a pretty cool guy eh social medias and isn't afraid of anything.
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    I'm Nekonomiya Nohosioko from Washington. I'll be 22 by the end of the month. I'm currently studying to transfer to Digi-Pen IT to enter their RTIS (Real Time Interactive Study, aka making video games) program.

    I go to Sakura-Con and the Penny Arcade Expo every year. I've cosplayed as Kaguya Houraisan twice and Renko Usami once. I normally do Genderbent cosplay (unless I end up in a punishment game for losing a bet to a friend)

    I mostly play video games all day and generally only watch anime when I am eating. I also read like to read Japanese light novels when I have nothing else to do. I mostly like games with good/funny story or a sense of accomplishment, but I generally stay away from PvP (except a few non-health regenerating FPS).

    As for Touhou, ZUN's music and hard gameplay hooked me into it since its the kind of game that makes you want to get better at it (although lately my game back log has increased dramatically and my STG skills have fallen a lot...). ZUN is also someone who I quite admire since he couldn't find games that he liked, he decided to make the kind of games that he liked. As for the doujin side I mostly like Happy Flame Time, Flip Flops, Haniwa's Store, Pageratta and Bomber Grape, as for music Cool & Create (Namely Beat-Mario and Beat-Mario's Mom) and Touhou Irish (Floating Cloud).
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    Hello, I am Firefoxx682 (Leila (NAMUSAN) in group skype chat) Im not very good at introductions because they are awkward, so I'll keep this short.

    Name: ^ Above
    Age: Just turned 19
    Touhou Cosplays Done: Marisa, Koakuma, Byakuren
    Other Cosplays Done: Rangiku (Bleach), Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)
    Toohoo Infoos: Been a fan since my sophomore year of highschool and ever since. i have fallen in love with it all.
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    I'm OverCoat. I host Touhou Tuesday and make music. I also live in South Seattle. Come say hi!
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    Hi, I'm Cirnomodo.Not very good at introduction sometimes, but I'll break it down.

    What got me started: McRoll'd version of Flandre's theme
    Favorite non-fandom Game: TH10 Mountain of Faith. That was the easiest one out of all prior to TH13
    Touhou Cosplay Inspiration(s): Fanime 2011. Before I thought the Lily White was the most interesting entry and rare, a Keine (Hataku) showed up on the last day and happens to be the best one I ever seen.
    Current Cosplay: Kochiya Sanae, Hoshiguma Yuugi (Miko Miko Suika Version). Both are done on the same costume.
    Favorite Circle: Haniwa's Store. Interestingly enough, that's one of the few circles I know from many of the titles I like.
    Profession: Automotive
    Things I like to do outside of Touhou: I don't watch much anime compared to nearly all of my friends nor I play as much games as they do. But I'll watch an anime or play a game when one recommends a title. I'm good at racing games and I stick to that most of the time until I play CS. Recently got introduced by a friend of mine to play Dead Space 2 in a dark room.
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